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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> this story apartment building burned out of control in london. >> the firemen couldn't get upstairs. >> eleven hours later the tower still smoking, investigators now looking into the stability of the building, will it collapse? as people wait to see if friend and family made it out alive. >> how police are track to go can be police are hoping to track down suspect in a king zinc ton home invasion. >> bill cosby as fatale bert, another long day in court. the comedian seemingly relaxed as the jury enters its thirds day of deliberations in his sexual assault trial. is today the day they'll finley reach averred? >> and a grill on the hill.
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>> to suggest i after participate in the any clues, that i was aware of any clues with the russian government, is appauling and detestable lie. >> attorney general jeff sessions testified as part of the ongoing russia investigate. the question he would not answer from the sin at committee. >> we saw flames not more than three minutes ago from this apartment building as flare up room likes they've knocked it down. >> true. but you can see still working hard on this. and it happened -- >> there it is. >> there is the part we were showing earlier. flames back up 24 stories high. >> started 1:00 in the morning their time. now noon there. one minute past noon in london. >> stir style not out. >> they're wore tid will
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collapse at any moment. six people confirmed dead. that toll probably will go up. they can't find people. fifty people taken to the hospital. they'll keep an eye on that for sure. >> we have a call into our fire commissioner, because i always think about this, any time, you think back to what the late 80s, early 90s, the meridian fire over by city hall, right? how do you fight a fire when it gets above about nine, ten stories? >> okay, we'll keep an eye on that. when i walk out of my home this morning at 2:00 this morning to come in and help craft this. >> 2:00? >> was it 3:00? >> 4:00? >> i was here at 2:30, i didn't see you. >> oh, sue, calling him out. >> okay. >> but i love you. >> okay, 5:00 (five after? ten after? 5:15? >> it was about 5:30. i get hit in my face with a breeze. i actually sang summer breeze. >> ♪ summer breeze ♪ makes me feel fine ♪
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>> so i had jasmine on my mind the entire walk n it is so pleasant out this morning compared to yesterday. >> yes. >> little rain in some spots, cold front coming through, you won't get to 96 degrees again. >> yeah, we did break a record yesterday. in case you were wondering. today, though, new day. and it is flag day. and it is a eight out of ten. in your weather by the numbers, do have the rogue showers and thunderstorms moving through the area right now. some of you are getting them. some of you getting nothing. but if you are getting rain, some of it is pretty heavy. we will go into detail about. that will bus stop buddy has the umbrella and the flag today, at his philadelphia union cap on. they play tonight at home. not as hot today. there is our flag with the breeze, blowing out of the northeast now, 8 miles an hour, 76 degrees, is our current temperature. eighty-two, our high
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temperature, later on this afternoon. sunset time 8316:78:97 day forecast is just ahead. hey, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, on a wednesday. if you had the showers roll through, so we got wet roads, accident here, this is 95. where is he going? ninety-five northbound, at academy road. so we had an accident. looks like we got two cars involved. maybe he was the driver of one of the vehicles. but nonetheless, north 95, watch for a slow down from cottman up to academy. jammed solid, on the jersey side, coming into philadelphia. the heavy rains, though pop up showers, headed in through jersey, there is also a disable school bus, on the 42 freeway, southbound, as soon as you come over the walt whitman bridge, kind of off to the shoulder there. trying to get a handle on whether there is any kids on the bus there or not. signal issues on a lot of septa's regional rail lines. up to 15 minute delays, out of the gate this morning. and the traffic lights are out at second and callowhill. so anyone that exits 95, at
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callowhill, not able to make the right turn, do you have stay on second street into center city at arch. mike and alex back over to you. >> we have different take for you now, because we've been covering this trial for what almost two years right? the bill cosby trial? so we have a different, we saw editorial in yesterday about this trial. wait until you hear what this woman has to say, i want your take on this. but this is day three now of deliberations in. >> day three, starting, and they've been asking a lot of questions over the past three days. >> the jury, yes. >> so the fate and legacy of bill cosby really is hanging in the balance a lot of people are wondering when is this going to happen? steve? >> instead of talking about the questions in yesterday's news, mike, i thought were you teasing this segment, because i got permission from ryan. not to run any old tape. >> okay. >> but different take for this hit. how about that? double bonus take. >> fresh takes. >> we have the most cosby accusers here so far. now they're all posing for picture, that's the most see
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lilly bernard back in white again. she had left town, but now she is back, and i'm busy taking a picture of why we do there is you got to love these still photographers. they need 3,000 pictures anyway. so now posing in solidarity, than is victoria valentineo who says cosby a assault the her, and then on the far right, and then we see the other. all right, so let he is get back to the story you want to do. we're wondering why not verdict? the most recent highly publicized case we covered, remember just a couple of weeks ago, creato, that jury got the case on a tuesday. did about 20 minute. then all day wednesday, all day thursday. that was before the long memorial day weekend. remember, no court on friday, so they had a long four day weekend, just to think about in their heads, they come back tuesday all day. they say the judge, we can't agree. so the judge says try again. so then, on wednesday, they meet again. so, more than a week, so you
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got tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and then, another tuesday and wednesday, and they never reached averred. that was kind of long this case, by the way, shocking everybody, constantly compared to o.j. simpson. remember talking about that early on? >> yes. >> similarity is is that jury was also sequestered. do you even remember how long that jury was sequestered, guys? >> see, hole on. was it -- did it come up on close to six months? >> you're close. closer than the guy behind the camera. eight and a half month, 26 a days. here is the one i'm stomping everybody around here on. how long do you think it took for them to deliberate before they had their verdict? >> in the simpson? >> yes. >> it was less than a day. >> all right. do you want to get little closer than that? >> it was four hours. >> you are right. you're google stuff mike. >> no, i'm not. >> he's not. i'm witness. >> all right, what about casey anthony? you guys covered. that will quick guess?
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>> casey anthony, that was real short too. >> was that a day as well. >> it was under an hour. >> all right, ten hours. >> like i said. >> another one. how about one we covered? jerry sandusky, i covered, that reported the verdict. do you remember that case? that wasn't a murder. all of the other ones are murders. >> under two hours. >> twenty hours. over two days. >> there was a two involved. >> okay? and then -- >> i don't like this quiz. >> the one closest to this in time george zimmerman tai von martin, 16 and a half hours, about where we are with this, so it varies, that's my whole point in talking about this, you can never guess. but we haven't gotten any of the note from the injury that i we got in the creato case. no note indicate that they're stumped and this their err ' at lagger heads. all of the notes look like they're working hard to get to the right answer. so, that's the good news here. so maybe averred today. but just to ask you a questions asked of lawyers, not a lawyer, because i thought interesting. a lot of people surprised only took four hours for the o.j. case considering all of the
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testimony and all of the month sequestered. >> i would say out of the four trials that you just talk about, most people would say a lot of people would say that the jury out of three out of four of those got it wrong. >> think back. >> that's the other thing, you're right. >> casey anthony. >> will always be debate. >> oj. >> not mat what err they decide, people will say this is wrong no matter which way it goes. >> true. people feel strongly on both sides. >> here is somebody who feels strongly, christine flowers sittng right next to me, attorney and contributor of the says cosby is taking the hit for the men who have wronged women for years and years and years. >> so she wrote an opinion piece about it yesterday. here's one little highlight. we will bring some excerpts. bill cosby her words is a easy target, able to stand in for all of the men who might have mistreated news dis pant past, and the cautionary tail to those college frat boys who might have taken advantage when we lie and drunk on the floor in the your your. after conversation, evidence and prognostication, we are left with the words of one woman and one man, and yet it
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is as if the tides al wave of femme his history set to end gulf the one man for some kind of vindication for all of the women done wrong. >> i can tell you are a person strong and willing to take some tough comments on line. >> what's the reaction been to that statement? >> oh, my goodness. well, i should have reconstructed the surgery and gone into the witness protection program in philadelphia. i understands the passion. >> what are you saying. >> what i'm saying, the idea of rape culture is real. how much, it shouldn't be the reason we over return only doubt. i'm an attorney, i'm also a woman, i understand the passions on both sides. but i also understand that there are situations where publicity can push us a situation beyond the normal bound, for example, the uva situation, rape that never occurred, the duke lacrosse situation, and we go further back in history with the
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scotts borough boys, and emmett till. i understand bill cosby is not an analog for all of the situations but what i am ' trying to say is we can't simply ac we he is in the idea that if a woman or if 50 women have narrative about something a man did ten, 20, 30, 50 years ago, that we're in the allowed to question it, we're in the allowed to criticize it, and avoid and not be called, i don't know if i can say this on air. >> yes. >> but blank shaming, slut shaming, and i've been told that's what i am doingment and i'm not. i'm saying take a moment, step back, and ask yourselves, are we too, too willing to except the fact that bill cosby committed this crime?
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so in a sense, would you say you're supporting billing cost. bill cosby or say we would like to question? >> the coverage seems one sided. >> exactly. that's exactly what i am ' saying. and listen, bill cosby has lost his reputation. the cliff huggable doesn't exist any longer. >> you said in the article one of your quotes here; bill cosby is cliff huxtables, regardless of what the critics say, we're all made up of perception, reality, aspiration, confirmation, ridiculous to argue that a man capable of creating the charge their fathered a generation did not at some deep level possession those nurturing characteristics. >> thank you. >> it sounds like you're saying though he is doctor cliff hecks tables. >> i'm saying there is in bill cosby. not saying that they're one and the same, you know, the janice, the old roman character of the one sides, the two phases, there is that in him. i don't think he was capable of projecting that type of a character on television, without it, the very least,
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having some of that deep inside. i know a lot of people have challenged me on, that's creation,'s character. >> he is an actor. >> as i said, aspiration, and reality, are two parts of human experience. so, i really -- he is an actor. but i think we have to look at his experience from the very beginning at the richard allen project. >> you're know you're on dangerous grounds here? >> oh, when i wrote that column, i sent it to my editor, when i pressed sends i said i know what i am ' doing here. i've done this before. it has happened before when i wrote a column about harem bay, the gorilla, i got a lot of flack about that too. >> but that's your job to push the envelope, stuff like that. >> and you know people will say oh, my god it is why women don't come forwards when they get raped. >> blaming the victim or saying and that's probably why a lot don't have the strength to come forward and say something, people might doubt them or question them. >> then alex, and mike, what i'm saying is we have to
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question, if we have a legal system based on fact and based on fairness, based on the constitution, we simply can't ac we he is, we don't want to hurt feelings or don't walt to make women feel bad. we can't ac we he is and say we believe you, we believe you 100% without putting through to the as i had test, and i'm a woman. i would want to be believed. but by the same token i would expect that my accuser, the person that i'm accusing, get all of the due process to which he is entitled. >> well, you're doing your job. you're, you know, like i said, push the envelope. you certainly have this time. >> and where can people reach you? >> flower lady 61. >> because your last name is flowers? >> that's right. >> on twitter? >> that's it. >> okay. >> thank you. >> you said 80%, what's the breakdown of the responses you received? >> 80% very, very negative, and you know what i would say, very interesting that the people who say that they support women's right have said some horendous, horrific things to me and about me and
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wishing certain things happen to me. >> what's the verdicts going to be? >> i think it will be a hung injury. >> i okay. >> it is leaning that way now. >> thank you for coming in and sharing your opinion. >> thank you, we have to get with a to this other big story, massive fire in a highrise apartment building. so this is again a live look. just 12:15 in the afternoon there in london. we do have six people confirmed dead, 64 now, people, have been taken to the hospital. twenty of them in critical condition. at the can't finds some people. >> so thomas, you've been following. >> this what's the late that's you know in. >> local authorities now saying that a significant number of people are unaccounted for. that's a chilling word, significant. we also know structural engineer has been brought n they're actually pushing crews back because they fear that building could collapse at any time. six limes have been lost, many more still unaccounted for. sixty-four people in the hospital. twenty in critical condition. this started about ten and a half hours ago, 1:00 a.m., london time. it is a 24 story tower in
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north kensington, 120 unit involved. flames quickly see right there took over the billing. witnesses say they saw people jumping from the upper floors, many were flashing lights, and cell phones, trying to get the attention of firefighters. some even holding their children out of the window to escape the smoke. more than 200 firefighters were called to the scene to get this one under control. >> this is unprecedented incident. in my 29 years of ac firefighter, i've never, ever seen anything of this scale. >> resident say the fire may have started on a lower floor and spread quickly up where they say they've been warning local authorities about the fire issues in the building before, but nothing has been done. i mentioned this before, recently went through multi-million dollar renovation, it is a bill that was built back in the 70s, but they say the safety features have not been upgraded. they also got a memo about two and a half months ago, telling resident if they were ever a significant fire, mike and alex, to just stay inside
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until rescue comes. >> well, that's hard to do. i used to live in a high-rise building here in philadelphia. >> sure. >> about 17th floor, and they would say stay, you know, first inclination is to hit that stairwell. >> yes. >> that's what they tell you you should do. >> another point here, residents, because hearing the eyewitness accounts this morning, they say, they never heard smoke alarms go off. neighbors banking on the doors, getting other neighbors out. >> and we have reports of people have jumped to their death because the fire was so intense in their apartment. any hin of terrorism at all? >> not at this point. >> okay. >> not at this point. >> specially considering the fact they complains though in 2012 about the emergency exits, and all of that. >> still early in the investigation, very concern about how quickly this fire spread obviously from the lower floor. >> again we have a call into our commissioner talking about that, you think back to 9/11, they toll those people to stay in the billing, you know, so
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many family members wish their loved ones had not stayed in their offices. >> thank you, 7:18. >> several men forced their way into a home, as a family sleeps. >> yes, a pregnant woman, actually has two other children, fights off earn trued ers. >> we don't whether there was a case of mistaken identity, happened 3,000 block of north front street standing again victim, pregnant, and she had three year olan six year old child inside of the home. >> this was around 3:00 this morning,ment family was fast asleep, but they awoke to the noise of somebody kicking in their front door. now, two, three mask men we are are told enter the home, once inside, the expect and
7:19 am
the mother apparently struggled with the attackers, she was shot once in the leg police say it appears after she struck billion dollars things intruders actually took off. ran back out of the house, out of the second floor bedroom, and right now, they're still on the loose. but this victim she three month pregnant. in stable condition, at temple university hospital. her two kids, who appears she was trying to protect, they're safe. they're with family members at this time. and again, police are not sure exactly why these men tried to enter their home. >> guys being back to you. >> can't ignore the weather, sue said pop up thunderstorms around the delaware valley. how long has that been going on, sabina? >> actually just started probably in about five minutes. actually before you guys came to me, started pouring, yes. >> that's a pop up. >> in kensington, see that on radar, knew.
7:20 am
>> there it is, moving over into new jersey, and northern delaware, we have some thunder and lightening, as women. and these, again, it is five minutes, suddenly you have a downpour, that's only few miles away from us, where we're dry here in old city at the moment. so, there you see the thunder, lightning, kind of moving parallel to the atlantic city expressway there. we zoom in, couple of neighborhoods getting those heavy downpours this morning around burlington, new jersey, around croyden, as well, then here is the lightning and thunder, we take that away, jump over to new castle county. there is a home of the university of delaware blue hens, newark delaware pouring rain and at christianna mall. home free shopping. pouring as well. this will be the situation as a cold front makes its way through this morning, and the end result will be cooler temperatures we've had the past three days, did have the official heatwave, mid 70s right now, i want to let you know couple of things going on for flag day today, betsy ross
7:21 am
house, made weekend wendy work on a weekday, she sex cited so 13 colony, 13 star flag raising at 10:00 a.m. >> welcome boo to independence hall all happening in our neighborhood this morning activities where our country began, 82 today. eighty tomorrowment chance every day through the weekends, by fathers day bob comey dad of six, 8 degrees. grilling ouside sunday. >> am i grilling? i'm in the grilling anything on sunday. 7:21, good morning, everybody, here you go. talk about a pop up downpour. this is a live look, at i-95, at cottman avenue. huge amount of rain coming down, short period of time. bringing 95 to a stand still. and again, this is moving quick. look at this. just less than a half mile
7:22 am
away dry as a bone, how isolated the storms are cutting across the river with thunder boomers, accident along route 70, at i2895. twenty minute delays now, on a lot of septa regional rail line trains, all because of early morning signal issues. coming into sent city exit at second and callowhill. traffic light are out. not able to make the right coming into center city putting extra traffic onto second street over to arch. mike and alex back to you. >> you know about children. >> sleepless nights when you have a newborn, we may have a solution there is could be break through, my god. >> let's have another kid then? >> yes, kind of a crib-bassinet thing, where they say it will put your kid, your baby to sleep instantly. you want to hear about it? >> let's do it. >> next.
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>> so i was talking on the phone with my daughter the other day, getting out after ooh earl. she said you should take lyft. because there is bad
7:26 am
connotation takes cents to saying you use ooher. >> uber has been having some problems recently. >> i don't want to use something that's racist or sexist oring. >> well the ceo taking leave of absence indefinately. lauren, so, there is going to be sole changes to the workplace? >> yes, three things to get through, travis, grieving the death of his mother, memorial day boating accident. and obviously, these huge problems at uber. he is taking indefinite leave of absence, they will shake up the role little bit, okay, this as the company made a list of about or was given a list by the former ag, in reviewing things, of about 50 changes that they can make to improve the culture at the workplace following all of these lawsuits and allegations. and number three, ready for this one? you know things are bad at uber because we talk about it and hear about it almost every day. one of their board members
7:27 am
david, say look you get a woman on the board that's great. quickly get second woman on the board. he said that means more talking at board meeting. >> wow. >> not only is that inapropriate. and sexist, the timing of it, the timing of it, he apologized, but he resigned. so the company can continue their focus on improving the timing of it, could this really be? is it true? >> was it a public meeting then? >> yes, public meeting actually. they reviewed the tape of it. >> was he joking? >> even still? >> i know. not supposed to joke. people joke. >> exactly. >> if he was joking it was a bad joke. >> my god. >> so that's the uber situation. one more thing this might affect you guys, some of the drivers here, would be affected by this, judge in new york has ruled that they should be treated as employees
7:28 am
of uber, not independent contractors, which means they get over time, holiday pay, benefits and the -- >> i'll be darn. >> i never even understands how uber and lyft start up and not be more regulated. not that i'm into regulations. just be careful. >> you don't seem like the regulation type, mike. >> oh. >> i feel regulated every day. >> wrap, right, wrap wrap, 102nd. >> i know. bye, lauren. >> real quickly again it happened today. if i'm sitting in the back of a uber, or a lyft, or a cab, i'm in the back seat. >> here we go. >> and i'm on the right side of the back seat, why do you let me out on the left-hand side of a one way street? so then i have to get out into traffic. it is so stupid. and it happens all day long.
7:29 am
i even say, i even say, which side do you want to get out on? well, obviously the side i'm on. why would i get out into moving traffic? well could you scoot across. i don't want to scott across and over the stuff with the cups and stuff sticking. >> the maybe that's the goal. >> to make me crazy? >> they want me to get into traffic to get hit by a septa bus. >> they want you to play frog err. >> okay, so vince papale, good friend of this show called good day philadelphia, i would say he is one of the top professional walk-on's in certainly the history of football. they made a movie out of it. who better to give a pep talk to the guy who still is sitting out on paterson in south philly trying to become a philadelphia eagle walk-on? let's have vince, do we have the shot of him? >> we have them. yes. >> let's go. >> he's right here. >> oh,'s here already.
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>> hundreds of fire fighters london battling this massive fire at high-rise apartment
7:33 am
building, again, a live look, you see, there is more smoke coming from the building right now. six people, we've learned, have died in this fire. sixty-four people are in the hospital. twenty of them are in critical condition. a structural engineering monitoring the stability of the building after it, and it has been going on for hours. >> over 12 hours now alex. >> still trying to get it out. back here at home, major development in the shoot that left a six year old boy in critical condition in delaware, wilmington police had arrested a man in connection with that shooting but the delaware attorney general's office, says those charges have now been dropped. the wilmington police chief says they've developed new leads with new suspect, but no newark he cents. >> wilmington police investigating late night shoot that left two women injured. it happened around 11:30 on 19100 block of reed street. officers say the victims are between the ages of 25 to 30 years old. they're being treated at christianna hospital. their condition is unknown at this time. and no arrests have been made.
7:34 am
>> here's sue, 7:34,. >> still watching showers and thunderstorms move through the area. you see the areas every lightning, northern delaware. and across the river, in new jersey, and we still have some rain, moving through philadelphia, so, umbrellas are back up briefly in old city. i can tell you whatever you get it will be fast and furious, moving through pretty quickly. but be umbrella, and it is flag you're waiting for the bus this breezes picking up. of 82 degrees. remember, we got yesterday. did break the records for yesterday's date. today we have the 82 during the day, the 62 at night, not as muggy, but how long will the nice weather pattern last? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast, which is just ahead. welcome back, bob kelly. >> great to be back, thanks for covering the fort. clock 34, live look at i59 again, gridlock, both directions, because of a combination of heavy storms that rolled through here, and
7:35 am
then an accident northbound 95 right near academy road. so we got you coming and going, here is the accident northbound between academy and woodhaven, you can see the roads are all wet here we go doused just few moment ago. and those storms again hit and miss, as you open up the front door this morning, 20 minute delays, on a lot of septa's regional rail lines. all because of early morning signal issues. so that's causing a problem. and then, throughout the day, watch for the closure of delaware avenue, and richmond streets, as crews demolish the old girard avenue ramps, associated with this 95 construction here, in port richmond, and a crash over in south jersey along route 70 at 295. and that heavy rain now bringing in traffic to a halt, on the atlantic city expressway. mike and alex back over to you. >> man real heavy rain in some parts people are saying on twitter too. 7:35 now. >> five years after the murder of new jersey radio host, police raid the home and business of the man she was married to. >> yes, april kauffman's
7:36 am
daughter, is hopeful that whatever was found in that place could help solve the case of her mother. >> this local in my heart that he can is cents is so indescribable, my mom had me when i was very young, we grew up together. i miss my mom every day. and i'm small, but i'm not going to give up hope. i'm also not going to stop until we have justice for my mom, april. >> remains on the property will halt the investigation. going on for five years. what we dough no that, well, the doctor was arm, yesterday at the time of his after. >> he was very unstable at the time. he waived his weapon in a threatening manner toward law enforcement as well as threaten to kill himself. >> okay, here to help us explain what exactly happened five years ago, what happened yesterday, is our friends,
7:37 am
rocco, attorney at law. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> if you can, take us back fifth years. what happened? >> so they got a call to 911 from handyman working at the conference home. he had shown up, found april dead with multiple bull one, husband already left for work, he said that she was alive when she left for work. >> she was radio personality people new very well down there on the shore. >> big news at the time. the investigate went cold. new atlantic county prosecutor came in, revived the case, now trying to generate more leads. >> they said within the past three months they found a lot of leads? >> yes, they haven't let onto specifically what the leads, are but we've seen a lot of activity, and in particular yesterday obviously. >> so enough leads to cause them to want to put out search want? >> not clear what the search want was based on. county prosecutor said it was not directly related to the homicide investigation. we also know that fb i am agent were involved in the search so i suspect that there is other criminal activity they are looking at, and use that as catholic potentially get more information to help with the murder investigation.
7:38 am
>> okay, let me try to understanded. >> this so they're still looking at this what would be a cold case now, right? five years? >> it is a cold case at this point. >> but they keep insisting that there is no specific connection between what happened yesterday, when he pulls a gun on cops, and the murder five years snag. >> but he was the person of interest? >> apparently he was a person of interest. that's not atypical when you have a spouse that's found murdered and no one -- >> go to them first. >> pretty typical. but we also some activity couple of weeks ago, the county prosecutor filed a motion to take a dna sample from doctor kauffman. he fought that. there was hearing on may 30. judge issued ruling but sealed the ruling. my guess is the judge authorized the dna sample us no privilege not to give one. >> maybe try to link him to the murder scene? >> that's speculation because i have to imagine that speculation probably warranted typically what would you see. now there would be a dna evidence, anyway, because he lived there at the house.
7:39 am
>> to the house and to his business. sound like it got kind of intense, because he showed a gun. >> apparently he pulled out a gun, and apparently waived it in the direction of law enforcement. we know he is charged with possession after women on for unlawful purpose. that's typically what you would see, if he pointed it in the direction of law enforcement and engaged in a stand-off, they charge him with that serious crime in new jersey, five year minimum, ten years mack mum. >> do you know of any other things he's having trouble with? >> not that i know but if i speculate based on, when the they're sometimes see investigation every healthcare fraud, over billing, insurance fraud, and that might be what they are looking, what the search warrants, just speculative. but that's my experience. >> i know in new jersey really cracking down on opioid prescriptions. >> pill mill cases, seen a lot of those recently. >> we'll stay on it. >> good to see you. if it funnels into or connected to homicide investigation at all. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming p on clock 40.
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>> break.
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>> we've got sun glare right here, we just got doused with major thunder boomers, now rolling into south jersey. here is a example of a wet ben franklin bridge. coming to a halt. on the upside, up and over in toward downtown philly. twenty minute delays on a lot of septa regional rail lines, because of some early morning signal issues. they're getting ready to demolish some of the girard avenue ramps, part of the construction zones, so today, delaware avenue, richmond street will be closed right at aramingo. it will put a lot of extra volume into the neighborhood there. port richmond, fishtown, that heavy rain, now on the new jersey side. slowing us down, along route 73, the atlantic city expressway, the freeway, also, an accident, route 70 at 295. there is a report after accident, 295 at route 30. so, almost in the same area as these storms are moving through. bamm, as soon as they pull away the accidents are left behind. and the traffic lights are out here, center city at second and callowhill. how long is the rain going to
7:44 am
last? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> clock 44, watching few areas of isolated showers, thunderstorms, what we talk about when you talk about pop up storms. new castle county, delaware, and part of new jersey, zooming in, first on delaware, christianna where the mall; and then down around pennsville, new jersey, right across the delaware bay, in salem county, very heavy downpours, there. now we go into new jersey, there is westhampton with heavy downpour, right along the new jersey turnpike, and 295 getting some rain as welshing little further south of shamong, park day, rock way get being heavy rain, also. so temperatures, still in the muggy-ish 70s, but with this cold front coming through, and
7:45 am
that's what the showers and thunderstorms are associated with that mean we don't get to 96, we get to 82. and 80 tomorrow. perfect weather day, low humidity, enjoy that, because rain rolls in friday. and it look lick it kind of hangs around nearby and on father day sunday warm up again as well. >> one of the all time great underdog stories in sports. >> his unlikely journey inspired the film invincible, we love it, and we love vince. >> yes, in south philly with jen. >> yes, he is here. we will talk to you a little bit. everyone beeping and saying hi, come on back, we will tell but what vince thinks he can help this guy out with, when we come right back. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions
7:46 am
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7:48 am
>> former receiver, and been camping out at the eagles work out facility hoping to get his chance as a walk-on. his name ra sean. and yesterday we talked to him about the fact he's been out there in front of the nova care complex for almost a week. >> so, i had to find a way to bat down the door somehow. so i figure why not? >> have players been out to
7:49 am
see you? >> absolutely. i mean, the last two days have been like nuts. last friday, michael, the we receiver coach came to talk to me, couple of put my on snap chat, fletcher cox, rodney mcleod, jack ertz, yesterday aid chance to talk with malcolm jenkins, he actually said what's up to me. going into the mini camp over here. so i mean -- >> coming out to see him, more people coming out today, this is getting nut, jen. >> okay, it is getting nut. you stood in the rain first of all. >> yes, yes. >> you met this guy, yesterday. vince is here, good morning. >> good morning, jen. >> did a little different waiter, free agent try out, but ra sean, you know what's begin bright, i've ben here a half hour, just the reaction every all people coming down paterson avenue, right across the street of course from the complex, and it is the
7:50 am
entheusiasm. what you have done is you've captured the imagination of the city. not only the city, it has been the country. yes, the reaction, just yesterday, stopping by, and dropping off, checking some pete's cheese steaks and some cheese fries. >> he needs to be ready to try out. you can't give him a cheese steak. >> i had to buck him up a little bit. but, ya. you know what's great about ra sean, he has what we call invincible spirit. >> the dream you have that, couple of people have come by and gotten in your face is a, i hope just couple of them. i remember playing back in the day in 76, everybody was telling you, too old, vince, can't be done, didn't play college football, blah blah blah, this guy gave me a great quote, you will love there is my high school coach george corner, answer he said happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make your dreams come true. and you know, i know you have paid the price. you have played well and hard at temple. and now you're looking for a. who so that's what it is all about, baby.
7:51 am
opportunity, right? >> you've been out here literally 12 hours. you know they're in mini camp right now. >> yes. >> and people have talked to you. like are you ready to walk in there? you got sneakers on. i mean, if like doug pederson or any every those guys were to say you know what you may as welcome on in, you're ready to do official try out. >> yes, yes. about ten minutes to warm up. but these bad boys gone, but i'll be good to go. >> when you hear a guy like vince papale cares about you, cares about what you're doing here, it has got to inspire you even more? >> a lot lot to have my name mentioned in the same conversation 40 years pass as he is 40 years now it, would be a good way to live my life. so i'm really appreciative he's here and the fact that he's giving to me. >> maybe we'll have an invincible, two, you're welcome. >> so here is the situation. i don't really know anyone at
7:52 am
the e-a-g-l-e-s that's can gave you a try out. i mean, to be honest. >> no, ya. >> i know someone, at professional football team. >> okay. >> current worlds champions of arena football. >> the snow. >> the soul. >> get in here. so coz, ladies and gentlemen, coz, hi, babe. >> i hello. >> we have some video. you met him couple every minutes ago. hi, guys. >> you're ledge it serious. you want to try him out? >> we are ledge it. representing the worlds champion philadelphia soul arena football team. and we need some players. we had a receive their went down in our last game. love ra sean, love his spirit, and as fellow northeast catholic high school and temple alum, i know what's' all b and i'm sure he's got game and will bring that philly spirit to the philadelphia soul. >> so he has to sign this. >> right. >> absolutely. >> because it is an official try snout. >> this is the real deal. you going to get on that field, you will have big tough guys trying to tackle you so you have to prove your, you know, your spirit, your spunk.
7:53 am
so we will offer you one day opportunity to come, and try out for our team, it is all ledge it at the wells fargo tomorrow at practice. >> before that happening at 8: 30, should i warm him up, see what -- >> you need to get him red hot, not just warm. >> here we will show people what you're all about at 8:30, and, you know, you can give some advice maybe. >> well, i'm going to give advice. but he's going to have to be hot. we'll have amazing quarterback throwing him passes. >> okay. >> me. >> you. >> okay. >> just making sure, just making sure. >> all right, thank you, thank you guys. thank you always. >> you're the best. >> oh, wow. >> come on back at 8: 30, we will see what you're made of, man. >> that's fine. >> just so you know, i have thrown a ball to carson wentz. people know about it. so don't be nervous. >> how does he feel, jen? is he excited? what's his reaction? >> i'm ready to go, i appreciate you guys a lot. thank you so much. i'm all smiling.
7:54 am
i think i got to put my cleets on. >> do you have cleets with you? >> cleets and glove. >> get the cleets. get the gloves. >> get ready snowing. >> oh, he's ready, the cleets, the gloves, the spirit. he has it all. so exciting. so stay tuned, guys, 8: 30, we'll see him in action, and then we'll follow up. he could be playing for the soul. and they are champions, they have trophies, just saying. 7:54. still ahead, new reason to do more sex thing. we real veal why with preston and steve, yes, there is something throughout that says you should be doing some more sex thing.
7:55 am
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>> it is flag day, preston and steve. >> yes? >> start texts right now, according to new survey. >> really? what's your number? >> 61% of people who sends daily sex report feeling very satisfied with their sex life. >> okay, let's just get into first of all let's start with you, steve. do you --
7:58 am
>> yes. >> do you sext with your agree. >> i sext my wife once, she thought it was a picture of harem bay. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was it, okay, she started crying, see said i miss him already. i said no, hon, that's me. i stopped. >> i did it one time, as well, and you guys remember the story. >> it was not good. >> well the camera, whatever angle, and the sun and everything, gave me a different color, a hue, and you remember what my nickname >> what?r that? >> big red. >> oh, apply gosh. >> see doctor mike. >> yes. obviously you have pepper that you want to show me. but yes, no, no one -- i don't think i look good. listen. >> the sext thing? >> pictures? >> dirty talk? >> oh, dirty talk. oh. oh, all right. >> like that's different? >> yes. >> i thought were you talking, because i considered, well, i guess sex. it is texting then? i just go right to the dirty pictures. >> yes, that's typical, guys, right?
7:59 am
>> yes, yes. >> words. >> so, alex, they're saying every day do it? >> that's what it says, every day, or could you even do it few times a month, and that even increases happiness in the bedroom. >> do you find, do you find dirty talk like that or texting, do you finds it engaging and a racing or just embarrassing and dumb? because i think people think they can talk a good game when it comes to sexting. >> it is a fine line, there are people really good at it, and then you're right, other people are just embarrassing. preston, i just sent awe text. >> oh, okay. >> hang on. >> look, kathy -- (laughing). >> can i see it? >> oh, dude. >> what? >> can i see it? >> i just want to see it. >> can we tweet it snout. >> pretty please? >> oh. >> no screen shots now. no screen shots. >> you know what, hey, mike, his roost surreal i beautiful t really is. >> is it? >> preston is done.
8:00 am
look at him. oh, my gosh. >> hilarious, man. >> you made my day. >> female perspective. kathy do you enjoy an occasional, you know, raunch randy text? >> can you sends us all of this text, mike? >> kathy actually -- >> kathy is the worse. >> you know what? i don't think there is anything wrong with it, however, he'll not sure that i agree with this study. i don't think sexting has anything to do with how your activities go in the bathroom. >> well, it the warm up. isn't it supposed to be the warm up? >> it is playful tan just -- makes you anticipate what might come later. >> i think the warm up is the begging, isn't that the warm up? >> yes. >> i know i always break a sweat. >> hold on, i'm getting social security back from preston. >> oh, no! >> i can't wait for this. >> you've a ' unleashed the crack in here, or released the crack in here. >> oh,.
8:01 am
>> (laughing). >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> you two! >> did you sends a picture? >> no, no, no. >> send him big red. >> okay. we got to go. we got to go. >> please. >> thank you. >> back to work. >> see you later guys. >> oh, my god. >> what's going on in washington dc area? we have some breaking news, we're hearing that this man, representative steve scale east, and aids, have been shot during a baseball practice basically, they have softball teams down there. during a baseball-softball practice this morning across the river from dc, across the atomic in alexandria virginia. >> near ymca. it happened about 30 minute ago, first reports of the shots that had been fired there, yes, congressional baseball team. having their practice. and, yes, they've been shot in several aids, still working to get more information. as this just happened 30 minute ago, so still very fresh. we don't know their condition at this point. but we'll make sure to keep you updated. >> sister station fox5 is
8:02 am
headed there right now. we will probably get live report for you in the next half hour or so. sue? >> yes, a look at waist going on in the area. we have dry conditions, here, in old city. and then not too far away looking at a lot of thunderstorm activity. very isolated, moving out of new castle county delaware. sort of a parallel i would say to the atlantic city expressway, and along part of 295. >> turnpike, so, if you're in any of these areas, well, it will rain fast and furious for little while. and then it will be gone just as quickly. so that's the deal with radar. have the umbrella nearby. just in case. it is a cold front coming throughment so bus stop buddy knows that. on this flag day. has the umbrella but also ready for a day that will not be as hot, like yesterday. seventy-six agrees with 17-mile an hour breeze, oh, it feels refreshing. high of 82 degrees today. not as muggy tonight.
8:03 am
with a low of 62. and you know bob kelly you can't rule out a pop up shower or thunderstorm. >> never rule it out. we had couple of them already here this morning before we even had the first cup of coffee. 8: zero three, the heavy rain moved through, leaving behind wet roads, and an accident here, now, this is westbound on the schuylkill expressway, there was dump truck involved here, as well, so you got at least two vehicles. the dump truck, they pulled aside. but leaving town right now, we're bumper to bumper from center city pretty much all the way out past city line. here is a live look at i-95 southbound, accident, right near the commodore barry bridge, again, as quick as these storms move through there, leaving behind accidents, left and right, west on the pennsylvania turnpike, watch for a crash. as you approach the willow grove interchange. so work ' bumper to bumper from philly headed west out toward willow grove. also, looking at 20 minute delays on a lot of septa regional rail lines. septa just said they just fixed the signal issues, so things should start to get better, as we move through
8:04 am
that 8:00 hour. travel times, speedometer readings on a lot of jersey roadways, what you're seeing, heavy rain right now, and an accident on 295 right at route 30. mike and alex back over to you. >> breaking news, we're hearing representative steve scalest and aids have been shot during a baseball, what was it, practice i believe, baseball practice this morning across the potomac from dc. >> sises at the station fox dc multiple shot fired around 7:30 this morning, and they believe that the suspect is in custody, but they're still advising people, to stay clear, of that area. so, looking now at their, showing you map of where this happened in alexandria virginia. >> that's from sister station you say, what they are showing right now, exact location, as steve scalese with the house of rep tis, majority, i think
8:05 am
he took that three years ago. from louisianna. >> sean spicer, spokesperson for the white house, he said both the president and the vest president are aware of the developing situation in virginia. our thoughts and prayers are with all affected. we say all affected the aids that were there, as well. so multiple people who were there, still getting more info. there is a reporter out of dc got text from someone at the practice, and they believe there was more than 50 shots fired. >> my god. >> and five people hit. >> okay. >> but this is still developing. so -- >> okay, again, our report remembers almost to the scene there. from our fox5 station in d.c. okay, our live cameras of course right now are in montgomery county norristown because we're waiting for bill cosby to arrive an in probably just a few minutes. >> jury deliberations about to start their third day, probably, in the next hour. so steve keeley is back outside of the courthouse. steve?
8:06 am
>> reporter: well, no verdict inside the courthouse but we have a weather verdict outside the courthouse. unanimously very cloudy, and getting darker by the moment. so that's a change out here, as we see the gathering clouds and the gathering camera people here. twelve hour deliberation day yesterday following four hour start for the jury in week on monday put them, cosby, and everybody else waiting for verdict at hour 17 about to start at 9:00 a.m. here after 9:00 p.m. here last night, everyone called into the courtroom where the judge said of seven men, five women, they just told me, we're wasted for the night. we need to get rest so boss bye left and yelled out his favorite cartoon phrase. >> mr. cosby, 16 hours, how are you feeling? >> this is the place where truth hams. this is the place where impartiality is supposed to be. >> glad the jersey taking time and being thoughtful in asking questions. that's good thing. >> hopefully they understanded
8:07 am
the implications of this verdict. and so they'll take their time, and they'll probably debate with each other our view with each other, hopefully in a positive way, and if they can reach unanimous decision, then the verdict will be announced. >> i didn't think this was going to be some cake walk. i never saw it ac cake walk. >> all right. so the question s. is this check out day at the hole tell for the 12 jurors, six alternates? we'll check back in with you when cosby arrives in about 30 minutes. >> okay, punch it up the minute you see him, and who will be on his arm today. 8:07. >> a pregnant mother of two is shot trying to fend off several intruders in her home. her family was fast asleep including two young children. when mask men broke into their kensington home just before 3:00 this morning, the 25 year old woman confronted intruders one shot her in the leg. they took off, and police are still searching for them. the woman is in the hospital in stable condition. developing out of london,
8:08 am
hundreds of firefighters in london are still battling a massive fire at highrise apartment built willing, been more than 12 hours now. >> gosh still smoking. >> six people have died in this. many are still unaccounted for. the fire started around 1:00 a.m. london time. which is 8:00 p.m. our time. to gave you a sense for how long this has been going on. twenty-four story gwen felled tower in north kensington, there are 120 units. >> sent about 75 to the hospital, 25 in critical condition, reports people had to jump top their death because the fire was so intense, inside of their apartment. >> all right, moran that, because we have more breaking news, out of our own country here. >> coverage here sister station fox5 in washington dc, because this man, representative steve scalise has been shot along with possibly some of his aids, baseball practice, softball practice getting ready for annual softball game which is supposed to make place
8:09 am
tomorrow as i understands. let's listen? >> tom fits gerald we sure appreciate you calling in our sources and calling in, thank you much. >> and again just repeating tom had said there, he had talked with someone from capitol hill police, his source inside the police department there confirm that two people were shot, one of which was congressman steve scalise. he was receiving words that one person was shot in the thigh. and the other person was shot in the chest. i am also seeing reported from fox news that they're believing that it was steve scalise that was shot in the thigh. and they're reporting that ceptor mike lee actually told fox news that a staffer used a belt as a tourniquet to stop scalise bleeding. that also would go along with fits was reporting in terms he was the one transported first and of course then transporting the more severe
8:10 am
injury first. but, on the upside, tom did also say that they were saying it is early, but it appears as if the injuries are not life-threatening. >> all coy think about major arteries running there through the leg. and that can be a fatal injury, i am glad, and if there is civil -- silver lining in this craziness there is chaos there is early in the morning, on baseball field, is that hopefully these are non-life threatening injuries. >> just to say also on twitter, which is how we get a lot of our updates now from credible sources, the sean spicer has now said on twit their both the vice president and the president are aware of this developing situation, in virginia, and adds that our thoughts and prayers are with all of affected. >> head on over to marine, she has been following some sources. >> again same thing we
8:11 am
reported to you from sean spicer i believe allison see more, one of the morning anchors talking on twitter getting a lot of information. alexandria police, official police account aboard the police department there, they tweeted in and saying their public information officers headed to the scene so we should get more updates very soon, and the victims are being transported to the hospital. we agree with her, hope they're all non-life threatening injuries. >> but there are reports that at least one every his aids, one of. >> steve scalise aids was shot in the chest. doug luzader our report their is on this case as well. we'll check in with him after the break. we just got the keys to our new house!
8:12 am
we got the keys! scale east wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> breaking news in alexandria, virginia, congressman steve scalise shot in the hip and at least one other aid was also shot, we're hearing maybe he was shot in the chest we a gunman in custody, apparently had arrive, opened fire in baseball practice, in alex andre, a maybe what 30 minutes
8:15 am
ago? >> about 7:30. police tweeted they believe that they -- police in alexandria virginia that the gunman is in custody. >> senator mike lee told fox news, how much, that the gunman was dead. >> hum. >> he said a staffer used a belt as a tourniquet to stop representative scale east's bleeding. >> and brooks was actually the person getting ready to bat. he took his belt off and put it around steve scalise's hip. upper leg, because he was shot in the leg. >> so this is a video right now, of the field. >> republicans, versus democrats, supposed to happen tomorrow. so having their baseball practice, aids, as well as steve scalise, representative steve scalise. >> can't tell, looks like medivac chopper? >> yes. >> more on that in just a second, real quickly, doing a traffic update and weather update for you. >> good morning, everybody, 8: 15. heavy rain rolled through this morning, made things little difficult. created a lot of accident
8:16 am
here, one we're dealing with, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway, right near city avenue. so it is a crawl, from center city all the way out through city coming in from new jersey again, no rain at the moment, wipers are up. wallopped earlier, bumper to bumper from the expressway all the way to the walt whitman bridge. travel times almost half hour on the freeway, and nifty 50, 50 minute on 95, from wood half mean downtown, also dealing with a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. stacked up from philly bensalem, all the way over toward the willow grove interchange. and again, we've also had problems on 95 south, an accident, at the commodore barry bridge. and septa says they're trying to get back to normal. but expect delays on a lot of it regional rail lines because of earlier signal issues. more rain on the way, sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
8:17 am
>> more places are not getting rain than are, let's zoom in who is. all of the lightening around lumberton, new jersey, then here, moving across from new castle county, we zoom in, there is old new castle there, getting heavy downpour, pennsville, as well, and hall town, marshall shale town in new jersey, very heavy rain there, and then newspaper burlington county around pemberton, and mt. laurel piles grover, looks like heavy downpour headed toward you, if that's where you are this morning, little lighter rain around, tyler town, also, in new jersey, so, that rain will cool us off little bit. then the sunshine will take you back up with temperatures but not to the mid 90s where we were yesterday. the average high is 83. we did reach a record, new record, yesterday in
8:18 am
philadelphia with 96 degrees, and three days in a row, we had our heatwave. but that's it. eighty-two today. eighty tomorrow. beautiful day, on thursday, by friday, though, the rain returns, and then we warm up by fathers day back into the upper 80s with a chance of a shower. mike and alex. >> all right, situation is getting worse down in d.c. actually across the river. in alexandria virginia, whip, steve scalise, there he is on the right side shot in the upper leg, or right in the hip. at least one other of the aids was hit in the chess by a gunman with a rival, who opened fire at baseball practice to alexandria had a 045 minute ago. now two law enforcement otters have also been shot. during the shooting incident, that happened at a baseball field as they were practicing for the annual republicans versus democrats baseball game. it will happen tomorrow. representative mow brooks, from alabama, there and talking about what happened
8:19 am
and there is a washington post reporter who tweeted out a quote, from representative mo brooks. it says. >> saying dirt to the outfield to get away from the shooter. >> there wag treat are -- trail of blood. >> two reports saying the shoot is her either in custody or has been killed by police officer. let's now dip into fox news channels coverage from alexandria virginia, these reporters coming from new york but also the dc bureau. let's listen. >> once again you said that you saw the shooter as he was walking on to the field. what did he say snow. >> well, i don't want to say that we was definitely him. we've recorded our encounter. and, you know, we understand it may fit the description of the guy. but i don't know that it was him for sure. we did have an end count with someone who wanted to know whether they were republicans or democrat. so i think it is important for law enforcement to that have that information and do what they want with t but this is
8:20 am
just a field. you can kind of go. bleachers, parking lot, you pull in, i mean, anyone can go, watch, do whatever, wide open space. >> congressman seeing it now live. seeing the sidewalk around it. some soccer goals through it, and some people jogging across the field. i imagine it has been secured the best it can. >> and this looks like very -- >> we understand the shooter we understanded has been hit. according to one report that has been brought to a local hospital. >> all right. so that's the scene in alexandria, virginia where one of the local fox affiliates, as you can see, got a camera on the scene right now, congressman, thank you very much for joining us right now, if you're just joining us, one. most powerful men in washington dc the house majority whip, steve scalise, gathered with a dozen, 15 members of congress, practicing for the upcoming congressional baseball game. apparently, according to congressman mo brooks, of alabama, behind third base he could see somebody with a
8:21 am
rifle and steve scaleeast near second base heard a scream. he goes ton say that he heard between ten -- he couldn't, of course it is always hard to gauge how many gunshots you heard, but he said he heard ten, 20, 30, something like that. >> mo brooks actually said there were 50 to 100 shots. we also have to point out this, i said secret service is with steve scalise, actually us capitol police, with us right now, is chad pergram now at the scene. chad, seeing some of the video. where are you? >> i'm standing across the street from the baseball field on the first base side kind of behind the first base dugout. there is a large emergency responders on this side, and i can't quite see over behind the thirds base dugout, but ymca in a parking lot which runs adjacent to. that will i see a lot of flashing lights, i'm seeing police here from the he will axe andrea sheriff offers, us capitol police, also the
8:22 am
alexandria fire and rescue, this is a baseball field, that has been used for practice, and at some point the actual game itself before they moved to rfk stadium nats park in fact it was the home of the alexandria dukes, which was minor league a phillie ate of the seattle mariners, in 1979. and they used to play here, it is a pretty small, pretty small park. so we have a lot of people gathered here. i see a couple of members across the way. i can't get across the street, but you see a lot of members in baseball, here, in shorts, cleets, things, kinds of walking around this tennis court and basketball court on their phone in probably talking to people or describing what they saw. >> sure. >> you hear the name mo brooks near third base, mo brooks by the way from alabama, representative from alabama, he took over for jeff sessions, familiar name from yesterday and capitol hill when jeff sessions was named the attorney general of the united state by president donald trump. >> more from dc and alex andrea after the break.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> rapid pace now out of alan tree a virginia out of washington dc. >> looking at the medivac landed on the baseball field where this happened, where they were having their baseball practice to prepare for the congressional baseball game. supposed to happen tomorrow. >> baseball game quite tradition, everybody looks forward to it, every year. >> republicans versus democrats. >> has gotten so big, they had to move to big facility, but used to play the game right on this particular field here, used to be minor league team, i think for the seattle mariners. so, again, house minority whip steve scalise shot in the hip. seen pictures of him on a stretcher being loaded onto medivac. does not look good. people on the scene though says he was talking, but he was hit in the hip. and one of the aids also involved in the baseball game, which is a practice softball practice, they say the gunman shot miami in the chest and two police officers also have
8:27 am
been hit. >> so listens, help representative ron, one of the people there it, baseball feel, saying guy who thinks may have been shoot the err but not confirmed walk up to them, asking whether they were republicans or democrats, who were out on that field. >> also worth noting two law enforcement officers injured this this that ran paul has been speak being what happened, he said because representative scalise was there it means there was added level of because of his leadership, there was added level of police presence, capitol police were also there. so we're not sure whether it was capitol police injured, or alexandria police. >> park service police,. >> the could be any number of but -- >> you had that many representatives around there, they're going have a lot of security. >> high police presence. but still open baseball field. so that's how someone with sounds like rifle, according to these preliminary reports. >> also sounded like semiautomatic weapon.
8:28 am
>> someone could walk up, open area, have the parking lot, baseball field. >> well, alexandria pd is saying that the suspect is in custody. we had heard reports before that sailed he was in custody, dead, i don't know moo if that means dead or alive but we'll finds out. quick update: suspect in custody and not a threat. public information officer will be on scene shortly to share more update, we will go to that update when we come back.
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>> back to this breaking news, house majority whip steve scalise some in the hip, floater hit with a gunman with a rival who opened fire at baseball practice going on about an hour ago in alexandria, virginia. representative mo brooks talking he was there at the time of the shooting, and he says that he was down on the
8:32 am
grounds with what described talking about scalise as hip wounds. we also know too two law enforcement offs ers also hit. so we're still getting more information about how many people. there were several people involved with congress who were there at this baseball game getting ready for this practice for the baseball game happening tomorrow. >> but like you said, alex, somebody of steve scalise stature in congress, he's the majority whip, one of the lead, he would have extra security around here, and rand paul from tennessee, who is at the game, in the batting guage, right behind the back stop there, said if all of that security hadn't been there this could have been a massacre. used the words massacre because the guy apparently shoot her semiautomatic weapon, just shooting across the infield. >> mo brooks took over for jeff sessions who became the attorney general, in the game
8:33 am
near third bales. he described the shooter as a middle-aged white male, apparently the alexandria police department says that male is now in custody. >> apparently wearing running clothes and went up to a person who was there and asked are those republicans or democrats out there practicing. >> as we understand it was mostly republicans, republican side of the baseball game supposed to be happening tomorrow. >> and as take a live look, heavy police presence, as ambulances, this is also near ymca. i've been looking at some of the reports, also near dog park, in the morning, a lot of people take their dogs out walking popular coffee shoprite next to where the baseball field s so a lot of people in the area this morning. whether this was happening, it is an open baseball fields. >> i think used by ooh minor league team, decent facility, used to have this traditional softball game between the republicans and democrat, but moved to bigger venue now. okay, 8:33, we'll get back down there, first a quick look
8:34 am
at weather and traffic. >> taking a quick look at what's happening around town. have the umbrella nearby, because we do have some showers is that are around. and as we check our sneeze index, medium levels, today and tomorrow, of mostly grass, pollen, friday and saturday, it looks like levels will be on the low side. so yes, we either got sunshine or pouring rain, some thunder and lightning to boot. through the area looks like, most of the rain has moved over into new jersey. for the moment, it is mix of sun and clouds here if philadelphia, bus stop buddy has the umbrella and the flag for this flag day the temperature is 76 degrees, we're going to get into the lower 80s, much more comfortable, bob kelly, today than yesterday. >> also national strawberry short cake take. 8:34, we have grounds stop at boston's airport, because of weather. so expect delays. that's going to have domino effect here in philly throughout the day. here is a live look at the talcony palmyra bridge, got sailboat out there. waiting for opening around
8:35 am
85:00, a watch the clock getting ready to roll out of the house at the moment. rolling in on 422, collegeville, delays and again you can just kind of see the clouds, hit with scattered pop up showers all morning long, and signal issues early this morning, expect some residual delays on a lot of septa's reginald rail lines. mike anal he can back to you. >> back to alexandria virginia donald trump, president of the united state just weighed in here. the vp and i are aware of the shooting indent in virginia. and are monitoring developments closely, deeply sad ends by this tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are with anybody that's involved. >> but right now we are showing the ex alan tree a police tweet saying the suspect is in custody and not a threat. so we're waiting to r more updates. this is also from sean spicer press secretary, also talking about what trump was saying. trump and the vp there are aware of what's going on, monitoring development closely, saddened by the tragedy, thought and prayers with the members of congress and their staff. capitol police first responders, and all others affected.
8:36 am
>> now, the republicans are practicing, just down the road, democrats are practicing, too, they heard about. >> this they're about a mile away from the republicans practice, they stop, got on their knees and prayed for all of the victims of the shooting again the game between the democrats and lee public cans, traditional game supposed to happen tomorrow. that will will not happen now of course. let's get to doug luzader who is in d.c. normally is near our headquarters which is near the capitol. but look, exactly where he is. doug, what are you hearing? >> good morning, we are on the capitol grounds here, right now appears when you look around you can see the security folks, the capitol hill police officers, milling about. it does appear as though security is a little bit more intense, than usual. we've seen some of these guys walking around, little more heavily armed than we typically see. but there is really no typical day here. and i think it is interesting to note that the capitol grounds are not closed off. and you still see tourists around everywhere. and it generally doesn't take much for police to close these grounds for one reason or
8:37 am
another. if a dignitary is coming, or if there is a suspicious package, something like, that and the fact that they've chosen to keep everything open right now, that tells you they seem to think the threat is contained to this baseball game. excuse me there is baseball practice, in virginia. now, having said, that there is a report that alexandria schools there is happened in alexandria virginia that the county school district is on lockdown. no indication that there are any other suspects at large here. but, as you guys know, this is very very early on in the process, very serious situation. >> happened less than an hour ago, but i'm real surprised that the capitol builds something not in lockdown. aren't you? >> yes, i am too. i mean, you know, i can't tell you the number of times that we are here and capitol police will show up and just start shoeing tourists away, and you never really know exactly why it is happening. sometimes it is because, you know, maybe the house speak is her pulling in, something like that. but, a lot of times you just don't know the reason. so they're on hair trigger
8:38 am
around here. the fact they haven't closed it down would seem to tell you something about the nature of the threat. >> softball practice, really looks like a targeted attack against politicians. so again, i'm real surprise dollars maybe that will change there where you are in a matter every minutes. >> thank you for the update doug from capitol grounds. >> if you don't know the area, alexandria, can probably see it from the capitol building. >> sounds like rand paul is speaking right now on fox news channel. see if you can list never. >> twenty steps from him, but just the luck of happenstance, i happen took walking away and it was at the furthest point, so when the gunshots came and in rapid success, there was a big oklahoma tree right behind the batting cage, i thought the shots were coming from the third base side, but it took, you know, another ten or 20 shot, until i could -- i was still guessing they were coming from that side. didn't know what side of the tree to stand on. so inside the right field
8:39 am
fence, couple of staff verse race around the track, but 20-foot fence. i can't get to them. they can't get to me. >> but at some point you have got to decide whether to stay and if the gunman advances you, you have no chance, or do you have run. one of the staff ers quickly climbed at about two seconds, climbed the 20-foot fence, hopped down beside me, we're behind the tree. still gunshots are, you know, ringing out, representative scalise goes down. we can see him. we can't get to him. because really nobody could get to him until the gunman was brought down. there is probably five or ten congressmen, hunkering down in the first base dug-out. the gunman is in the third behind the third base dugout. >> where was mr. scalise security detail? >> usually in a black suv somewhere around the field. and so at this point the gunman reloading, probably 50, zero six shot. we can't really see him that well. but my gut feeling was i've got to decide to stay or run.
8:40 am
and at this point, i think he's advancing toward us, people are moving behind different buildings. most everybody's closer to the gunman than i am. i'm at a dis pant point. >> but the staff err, at this point, you know, the capitol police began returning fire, i do believe that without the capitol hill police, it would have been a massacre. we have no defense. >> jury -- rand paul, behind the back stop, of course he's from kentucky, i mentioned tennessee, kentucky. he's a doctor, a physician, says that he was not able to get to steve scalise, but he seemed to be okay, and speaking as they put him into the air ambulance. >> there are report now saying that he is in stable condition, scalise. >> he just said came back to it is could have been a massacre because apparently this gunman who is middle-aged white man, they say, had an automatic weapon. and was just shooting
8:41 am
indiscriminately. let's get back to this story in our area, nationally story as well. montgomery county norristown bill cosby coming in for day three of deliberations by the jury. >> so here this is morning, about to put on his coat as he get ready to head into the courtroom. >> that's his spokesman, always by his side. >> he's given a thumbs-up looks like the crowd. >> was it yesterday, there with him, the spokesperson when he walked? >> yes. >> couple of days ago his wife of 53 years camille by his side. >> that cents with a for what we didn't realize was the last day. >> yes, some of our legal expert thought, well it, would take one day for the decision by the jury. that didn't happen. day two, didn't happen. so this is day three. >> i believe steve is there. i think steve wants to say something. steve? >> reporter: yes, we were told by andrew wyatt that camille cosby would not be showing up here for the verdicts. so he will be alone as he await his fate from the jury if there is going to be one.
8:42 am
so don't expect to see camille here any more according to andrew wyeth. >> not guilty. not guilty. >> he's got supporters here yelling not guilty. and he looks like he cracked a smile hearing that. >> they're imagine the turn here, sometimes reporters will ask him a question as they come around, right here. here comes. here is the shot. will this be the day? the jersey deliberated 16 hours, they go into the the 17th hour in about 15 minute, they'll start deliberation again. >> morning, sir. >> no comment today. >> just a smile and a nod. remember, last night, when he was leaving the courtroom, he
8:43 am
came out and he did his fatale bert. he said hey, hey, hey. and people responded, supporters in the crowd, there responded to him. >> so they've asked several questions throughout this process, he's had to go into the courtroom, the attorneys, go back to the holding room. >> and that's where they're headed now, there, they're going to go to the hold willing room into the courtroom and deliberation apparently start again in 15 minute. right back.
8:44 am
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>> back to alexandria verge certainly and the dc area. >> steve scalise shot in the hip. at least one of his aids, was shot in the chest. >> two police officers shot at a baseball practice across from washington dc itself, in
8:47 am
alexandria, virginia, about an hour and ten minute ago now. mo brooks, a representative out of alabama says that steve scalise 51 was down on the grounds with what brooks described as a hip wounds. and then two law enforcement officers were also hit. >> steve scalise taken to the hospital by helicopter and medi van unit. seems like he's going to survive.
8:48 am
8:49 am
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8:50 am
>> i've been in congress 16 years, my 16th year doing this. >> reporter: what is it? >> we have congressional baseball game for charity. we raise this year raise about $650,000 for some under privileged kids here in d.c. so it is one of the longest institutions in congress, roll call trophy goes to the winner, and it is a great event. about 10,000 people get out to the game, and so it is a game for charity. we do every year. >> republicans versus democrat at that the stadium? this was your final practice before hands? >> that's right. the game scheduled to to be played tomorrow. but i hope steve is okay. did i call his wife.
8:51 am
i got his phone. and called his wife to make sure that when she woke up she didn't hear news. >> that was senator jeff flake of arizona he was on the scene. you heard him describe the harrowing event, and describe the shooter, blue shirt and jeans. he also -- >> that voice is groin from the anchors of fox and friends, representative jeff flake. >> from north carolina, republican. he also said that he feels the gunman was thereto kill as many republican members as possible. and he said that he was grateful for capitol police and the fact that they were there, otherwise, as rand paul also said it could have been so much worse. >> representatives from our area are weighing in, as well. brendon boyle. most of our representatives have weighed in. we'll get you their response in just a certainly but i noticed that representative brad westrupp, this is his quote: i felt like i was back in iraq. he is iraq vet. i felt like i was back in
8:52 am
iraq. but without my weapon. and then gabby giffords, who all know too well about gunfire and being attack, this is what she said: my heart is with my former colleagues and their families and staff and the us capitol police public servant and heroes today and every day. we'll be right back. #p
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> let's get back down to alex andre, a virginia where majority whip steve scalise was shot at a baseball practice. just before the game tomorrow, between the dems and the republicans, it is the annual softball game between the democrats, raise money for char chi. >> the nationals, that's how big this is. >> doing this for years, president trump has tweeted again, about this shooting incident that happened. he says, representative steel
8:56 am
scalise of louisianna true friends and pay tree interest at, injured, but willfully recover. our thoughts and prayers are with i am h. >> iron i cannily, i know this year's, this baseball game tomorrow, been going a long time, people really look forward to it. but, this was to honor the victims of the british terror attack. the game tomorrow. that was the theme of it. as they make money for different charities around the dc area. >> and then this happens, as they're trying to do good for another incident. >> also indication that possibly steve scalise's security detail of which they're probably four or five, at this baseball practice, two of them were hit. one female, one male. >> as well as scalise and as well as an aid. more information still coming in. the vice president's canceled his speechment going to give a speech for the national association every home bitter
8:57 am
bitters. >> it looks lick it is about to begin. >> michael brown, alexandria police. >> no. >> okay, ladies and gentlemen, i'm going to try to make this brief. and give you what we currently have at this location. >> i'm chief michael brown of the alexandria police department, i'm joined hereby a number of officials that are working with us on this particular scene, and event. and. >> i would like to gave you a overview what took place, we received call of active shooter, shot fired, zero seven-zero nine, nine minutes after 7:00 this morning. here at the park on monroe, simpson park, at that time there was a practice team event with a baseball team, of folks that were representing some folks on the hill. we were there within three minutes. >> we do know the officers
8:58 am
from capitol police as well as three officers that we had on scene arrived, two engage in the gunfire, returned fire, beyond that, we're not going to make any other statements until such time as we know exactly what's taking place here on this thing, active scene. we have a lot of witness that is we are having the interview. we are collaborating with capitol police with with the alexandria department, with the fire department here in alex andre, a also working with federal bureau of investigation, and collecting evidence, and doing statements, and the things you normally do in these kinds of situations. we will try to keep you posted, as we get more information, right now, we will try and schedule press conference probably in about an hour and a half from now, we will give you update. right now that's all we have. i will add that we know that five people transported medically from the scene. we do not and will not give out their names. or their locations at this point. or know the condition of their injuries. so i'm if the going it take
8:59 am
any questions. >> i'm in the going to take any questions at this point largely because you have everything that i'm going to release at this juncture what i will do now is i would like to ask chief from the capitol police to come up and make a brief statement. >> goods morning, chief of the us capitol police. >> speak little louder please? >> this morning, we're seeing the call, we are communications of shots fired at this location, officers who are on scene responded, and engaged a suspect, the gunfire, very shortly thereafter, the alexandria city police and other unit responded to assist at that point we able to calm the the situation, victims tran ported to the hospital. we won't get in into any details as far as the investigation very early on.
9:00 am
we will -- i want to thank the alexandria police, sheriff's offers and the alexandria fire department for their rapid response to the request for assist. rapid response and certainly save lives. >> at this point, we are going to gather the investigators together, and look at what we have, and put this incident together, again, it is very early on, and there is a lot of witnesses to be interviewed, once we have more information, we will certainly pason whatever information we can to make sure that you have the information you need. >> chief ... >> i'm going to turn it back over to the alexandria chief. thank you, chief. >> folks, we won't answer any questions at this point because it as he pointed thought is an active ongoing investigation, we cal


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